All dogs must have current proof of vaccinations that include:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza

Veterinarian provided proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to your dog’s initial stay. Vaccination records can be emailed to pethousesuites@yahoo.com or faxed to us at (540) 347-8591

Should you pet come in without the proper vaccines, they will be administered at Animal Care Center. You will be charged for the vaccinations plus an exam fee.


Boarding charges are calculated by day, similar to human hotels, clients are charged for a full day the day they check their pet in. Early check in before 1 pm incurs and additional $10 fee. Clients who check out by or before our check out time (1 pm) on normal business days will not be charged for that day. Clients who do not check out before 1 pm are charged for the full day. Most clients pay when they pick their pets up, however, you can choose to pre-pay when you arrive. We accept cash, personal checks, travelers checks, debit, visa, mastercard and discover.


Our boarding facility has limited space and is frequently at 100% occupancy. This forces us to turn potential boarders away. When clients pick-up their dogs early, cancel reservations, or change reservations without adequate notice (at least 72 hours), it is frequently too late for us to fill the space that we reserved for them because the boarders that we turned away have already made other arrangements. This causes us to lose a tremendous amount of income. Due to the loss of revenue as a result of no-shows, untimely cancellations, schedule changes, and early pick-ups, we have implemented the following cancellation policies.


Clients who reserve space that fail to provide us with at least 72 hours notice for early pick-ups will be charged for the entire scheduled reservation. In addition, clients who pick up early without at least 72 hours notice will be charged our regular daily rate for any days that the space reserved remains vacant. We are sorry that it has become necessary to implement such a strict cancellation policy; however, we cannot continue to incur the tremendous loss of revenue do to untimely cancellations, early pick-ups, and reservation schedule changes.



We require at least 72 hours notice for cancellations Clients that cancel reservations without at least


Our regular business hours are:

Monday through Friday 8am – 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Saturday 8am – 1pm

Sunday Noon - 4pm

Special arrangements can be made for before or after hour drop-offs or pick-ups. A $25.00 - $50.00 fee will be charged for any drop-off or pick-up that occurs during non-business hours AND any such service must be prearranged at least a week in advance and approved by management. No service will be provided on Holidays. Please understand that while we do appreciate your business, we may not always be able to accommodate out of hours service.


We do allow bedding from home if the bed is clean, easily laundered, light weight and will fit into the dogs kennel while allowing him room to eat, drink & move around. We will not be responsible for any damage to the bedding.


You may bring toys from home, but please limit the amount to three. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.


Our guests are routinely fed twice a day. An extra feeding per day is available for an additional $2 daily. We serve Science Diet Dry. Clients who feed a different brand of food are encouraged to bring their regular diet from home. A sudden change in diet can result in diarrhea. If you provide food, please package EACH MEAL in a *Ziploc® (type) plastic bag (no fold-over sandwich baggies, please) with each meal clearly labeled with your pet's name . Please do not label days/dates or AM/PM unless the meals are different. Please place these bagged meals in a sealed plastic container. Please DO NOT put medications in the food bags , and please do not bag canned food. If you board for an extended period (7 days or more) you can provide food in a clean, airtight container labeled with your pet's name and amount he is fed each feeding. You may also bring treats for your pet.


We will provide all the necessary items to administer medications such as hot dogs, cheese, pill pockets, etc.

  • Pills and ear/eye drops for cooperative animals are administered at $1.50 per dose / during normal business hours. Out of hours dosage is $10 per dose
  • If your pet needs more extensive attention to administer medications (ear cleaning, bandage changes, maintenance for chronic conditions) please contact us to discuss your pet's needs and determine the additional charge
  • Diabetic pets who need two insulin injections daily are charged an extra $15 daily
  • Please place your pet's medication in 7 day (am/pm) pill boxes. On the bottom of the pill box, please place a label with the following – pet's first & last name, amount & kind of medication given Example: Spot Smith Am – 1 Benadryl (5 mg) Pm – 1 Prednisone (2.5 mg)


Cleanup Fee – if your pet is here less than four nights, we do require a clean up fee of $10.00 We brush them out and wipe off feet & paws before going home.

  • Bath Fee – If your dog is here four nights or longer we require an exit bath. Bath includes a brush out , bath, ear cleaning and nail trim. Bath price is dependent upon size and coat. Pet's who stay 10 nights receive a free bath.
  • Grooming – Full Grooming is also available and must be scheduled in advance. Pricing depends upon breed / cut / coat condition .

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